Thursday, March 17, 2011

I should really start this thing back up.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Why...... hello

Yeah, where have I been. Not blogging that's for sure. Last post in July I think. Let's see....swim team is over (whew) Work is awesome. Fall ball has started, though it seems to still be summer here. Hot sun, no rain (ever!) and high humidity. All the reasons I am on anti-depressants.

Meg got fake boobs and is moving in with her boyfriend. Should be engaged by Halloween (my prediction) Meg's daughter wears more make-up than I do. (she is 11) and weighs more than me also.

Speaking of make-up, I ran into Meg's new best friend. She works at Target (one of those people that walk around, helping people, I guess) anyhow I know her because she was J's softball coach. So of course I go up and talk with her. You could of taken a spackle and pulled the make-up off her face. A chisel would of helped also. The strange thing is, she is allright looking without all that crap. Let's face it.....I'm still granola mom. Or I'm too lazy and can't be bothered with the ritual.

I am getting a keratin treatment for my hair. Can't wait! It's $300 (yikes) I probably spend that on hair conditioner/product alone in 6 months. Of course the straight-haired girl friends think I'm nuts. The grass is always greener, right?

All my daughter's friends are getting their periods. J will be like me and get hers at age 16. I feel kind of bad for her because all her friends are starting to tower over her and they all have breasts. I keep letting J how lucky she is to mature later. I think she gets it.

I almost bought a Remington Wingmaster 870. I'm getting the Keratin (above) instead. Of course I tried about the Club's President's target gun this week and I would prefer that to the 870. It's only $1,000+. Luckily he likes me and told me to call whenever I'm coming up and he will bring me his wife's gun. It's the girl version.

Maybe I'm not so granola.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

The story continues

My daughter left the bag that holds her sleeping bag at Meg's x's house. My daughter is going away to camp next week and it would be a lot easier if she had that bag to haul her sleeping bag around. My daughter left a message for the X husband asking if he could bring her bag over. I, meanwhile texted Meg and explained the situation and that I wasn't going to call the X up because he would be a dick and ignore me.

Meg emailed back "how can he be a dick when ur kid stays there. dumb.

Never, ever call me dumb. I only allowed my daughter to sleep over x's house for Meg's daughter. (Meg thinks the X is dick too btw.) I texted her back that X is nice to J and it was mean of her to call me dumb and that it hurt.

Yes, the X did not return the bag, the phone call or anything. We have written to stupid sleeping bag, bag off. I can always make a new one.

My daughter is no longer allowed over the X husband's or Meg's house. Both are sleeping with other people while the kids are there and I don't approve of that in front of my young children. I've been tempted to tell Meg that Mr. Nice Dick didn't return my daughter's phone call, and that dumb is:

1. sleeping with anything with a dick between it's leg.
2. sending your mom to all your daughter's sporting events because you have better things to do. (e.g. working out, going on dates, parties or getting drunk)
3. loosing your phone in a porto potty because you were too drunk partying with a bunch of 20 somethings.
4. hanging out with graffitti covered "fetish" models who pose in their panties and post these on the internet for all to see.
5. not realizing that your daughter is close to obsese for some reason.

Alas, I haven't sent anything like that. It's not worth it. She's not worth it, nor is the friendship at this point. I have to be selfish and take care of my family. They are my priority.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

oh my

Baseball, Softball and T-Ball have ended. Whew. Now it's swim team and tennis lessons. Thankfully the tennis is only once a week. We have also decided to skip all the away meets. I'm super busy with keeping records for all the kids times, events ............etc, etc. My "helper" isn't help at all. I'm on my own for now.

My job is busy, busy, busy. My boss can be a dick. He doesn't communicate well at all. We do most of our communicating by email (which is fine by me) but his emails are so damn harsh. I looked like a complete idiot at the CPA tax planning meeting. I got drilled on the May financials, which I didn't even know we were looking at. He had me running around, talking to the purchasing agent and making crazy journal entries. I have never done shit like that before. The financials will/have worked themselves out in June. (our fiscal year end) It was a waste of time.

I had strep throat. Antiobiotics don't sit well with me. Oh, and that all happened on the above. Very bad day.

I had it out with Meg. Long story short...I took her daughter to a school function, the daughter was mean to my daughter, Meg was suppose to pick her up and everytime I called Meg never picked up the phone. I yelled at Meg's daughter for disrespecting me, my child and our family, left Meg an angry voice mail message and dropped the girl off at her grandparent's house. Because where the hell was she? Meg called me back (her borowwed phone doesn't work well.....right) She was pissed off at ME. I don't know what she is going through, I have the perfect life, she won't be happy until she is married again, her kid is fine, blah, blah, blah.

I emailed her my concerns about her life the next day. She emailed back her points. We talked on the phone a bit. I had dinner with her and her daughter after I took the troop to an amusement park.

Yesterday she emails me asking if her daughter can sleep over Saturday night so Meg can go on a date. WTF? The weekend you have your child and you want me to have her for the majority of it? It's not like she would pick up her daughter at 11 am the next morning. More like 4 pm. I said no. Mark my word, Meg will be married by this time next year. Oh and the father.....his new girlfriend has pretty much moved in to his house. Meg and him were legally separated in December. Both are crappy, selfish parents.

I'm just a forgetful one.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Imagine coming home every, single, damn day from work and having Chris Matthews of Hardball blaring from your fucking tv set. Top that off with a few "you people", "can you email this complaint letter" and a bunch of your children complaining, fighting and that your sorta clean house you left in the morning is now a pig sty.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The life

I've done myself a major intervention. I went on the Atkins diet. I know, I know, I know..... what the hell am I thinking. I know the diet sucks. I know I will lose 10lbs in 2 weeks if I stay on it that long. I know I will plateau for the following 2 weeks if for some miracle I manage that small feat. My plan is one week of the strict diet portion. I need to get all the junk out of my system. This is the only way I know how. I eat so good for breakfast, lunch and then it goes to hell. With my stress level so high (kids, sports, school, the house, work ....etc) I've been eating crap. Wheat Thins, real red can coke some days, cookies, cereal at 10 pm. How sick is that last one. I'm a carb addict. I'm also prone to Diabetes. My grandfather died from complications from the disease and I had gestational diabetes with my son. I know the signs of carb comas. That has been my life for the past two weeks. I had to put a stop to it. I miss my yogurt and granola the most. Really, truly miss it.

I was told today at work that I haven't looked good for the past couple/several weeks. Again...the stress level of sports and kids. Thankfully the season is ending and though swim team is next, that is pretty easy. Especially since my husband and I are having the kids blow off every away meet.

My job is fine. Very busy, which is good.

I quit facebook. I was stalking my friend and that is not me. Best to do an intervention on that part of my life also.

I quit my friend this weekend. My last straw was the game on Saturday. She did not come because she attended a graduation party for one of her workout friends. She couldn't spend 2 hours of her day watching her daughter play a sport and THEN go to the party. She spent the night before bar hopping.

For our girls Monday night game I drove by her gym @ 6pm on my way to pickup my son from school practice and she was there. At 8:15 I drove back to pick up his forgotton back-pack. She was still at the gym. Seriously. WTF. Who works out for over 2 hours when they aren't training for something. Hell, she probably does that 2+ hour workout 5 days a week.

If anyone needs an intervention it's her. I tried a mini intervention but all I got back was "I will never cut back on my working out."

I hope she is happy with the drunk nights, the hot body, the new tattoo and chasing the bars for a man.

I'd rather be fatish and happy.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Can't stop

the gardening. I don't want to do wash, eat, go to baseball, softball or t-balls games. I just want to pull weeds, plant stuff, buy stuff and mulch. Let's not even discuss my ruined budget. (ok, it's not that bad....but not that good either)

I'm on a major roll. Everything will done once the mulch arrives and is put down. (today) Hopefully in June I can actually enjoy relaxing on the back patio. All those ball games ruin relaxing on the back porch. They just enhance my love of the game. With the exception of t-ball that's just plain torture.

To look at the bright side of being layed off last year; I found a new passion of playing in the dirt, and, being dirt poor.