Tuesday, June 22, 2010

oh my

Baseball, Softball and T-Ball have ended. Whew. Now it's swim team and tennis lessons. Thankfully the tennis is only once a week. We have also decided to skip all the away meets. I'm super busy with keeping records for all the kids times, events ............etc, etc. My "helper" isn't help at all. I'm on my own for now.

My job is busy, busy, busy. My boss can be a dick. He doesn't communicate well at all. We do most of our communicating by email (which is fine by me) but his emails are so damn harsh. I looked like a complete idiot at the CPA tax planning meeting. I got drilled on the May financials, which I didn't even know we were looking at. He had me running around, talking to the purchasing agent and making crazy journal entries. I have never done shit like that before. The financials will/have worked themselves out in June. (our fiscal year end) It was a waste of time.

I had strep throat. Antiobiotics don't sit well with me. Oh, and that all happened on the above. Very bad day.

I had it out with Meg. Long story short...I took her daughter to a school function, the daughter was mean to my daughter, Meg was suppose to pick her up and everytime I called Meg never picked up the phone. I yelled at Meg's daughter for disrespecting me, my child and our family, left Meg an angry voice mail message and dropped the girl off at her grandparent's house. Because where the hell was she? Meg called me back (her borowwed phone doesn't work well.....right) She was pissed off at ME. I don't know what she is going through, I have the perfect life, she won't be happy until she is married again, her kid is fine, blah, blah, blah.

I emailed her my concerns about her life the next day. She emailed back her points. We talked on the phone a bit. I had dinner with her and her daughter after I took the troop to an amusement park.

Yesterday she emails me asking if her daughter can sleep over Saturday night so Meg can go on a date. WTF? The weekend you have your child and you want me to have her for the majority of it? It's not like she would pick up her daughter at 11 am the next morning. More like 4 pm. I said no. Mark my word, Meg will be married by this time next year. Oh and the father.....his new girlfriend has pretty much moved in to his house. Meg and him were legally separated in December. Both are crappy, selfish parents.

I'm just a forgetful one.


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